Here's how the Patriots reportedly convinced Josh McDaniels to stay

Josh McDaniels is staying in New England. He had been long-rumored to be heading to Indianapolis to become the next coach of the Colts, and things got so far down the road that the Colts actually announced they had an agreement with him. Of course, McDaniels eventually reversed course and decided to return to the Pats. 

A multi-hour meeting with owner Robert Kraft, his son and Patriots exec Jonathan Kraft, and Bill Belichick convinced him to remain in New England rather than heading out the door. The Pats reportedly did not promise McDaniels the job when Belichick leaves in order to convince him to stay, but they did make promises to him

According to a report from's Mike Reiss: 

Belichick told McDaniels that he would spend more time with him on the inner workings of the Patriots, including roster construction and salary-cap management, which was viewed as "extremely valuable" to McDaniels. It is an arrangement that owners Robert and Jonathan Kraft endorsed because it could ultimately be part of a succession plan for Belichick in the future, although no assurances were made to McDaniels.

Another part of the Patriots' sales pitch that swayed McDaniels, per sources, was a long-term contractual commitment that would give McDaniels' four children, who are ages 12, 10, 6 and 3, the chance to stay in the same school system for an extended period of time. McDaniels has told those close to him that such stability is rare in the coaching profession, and is something he values.

Bringing McDaniels into the fold on the team-building side of things certainly points toward the idea that the Patriots view him as Belichick's logical and eventual successor. A firm plan such as that could run afoul of the NFL's Rooney Rule, but we've seen other teams execute clearly laid-out succession plans in the past without punishment from the league. 

The idea that McDaniels now has much more security on a longer-term deal is an interesting one, but it's not like we haven't seen teams cut ties with coaches on long-term deals before. Given that McDaniels likely burned a whole lot of bridges around the league by going back on his agreement with the Colts, he's got to be pretty confident that the Patriots are indeed considering him their future head coach. Otherwise, as his agent reportedly said, he may have made a big mistake here. 

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