Here's the dirty nickname Eagles fans have bestowed on Doug Pederson, which he loves

If you aren't addressing Doug Pederson by his most famous title, "Super Bowl-winning head coach," you can also use his nickname.

It's a nickname bestowed by Philadelphia Eagles fans. It's a nickname widely featured in memes. And it's a nickname he's learning to love -- even if it's not rated PG.

That nickname? Big Balls Doug.

Pederson was heralded for many things in 2017, the Eagles' first NFL title-winning season since 1960, and one of them was his willingness to take chances. No NFL team went for it on fourth down more than Pederson's Eagles over the course of the year, and the coach also made use of two-point tries during Philly's unprecedented playoff run. That's why, as told to The MMQB's Mitch Goldich, Pederson is OK with acknowledging the "Big Balls" moniker.

"Gosh, you know, it sounds a little, it sounds bad, but ... I love being touted as being aggressive," he said. "Because if I only get one opportunity in this business to be a head football coach, I definitely want to do it my way and lead my way. Calculated, not a gambler by any means, or on a whim. Very calculated and thought-out and detail-oriented. But at the same time, put our team in a position to be successful, and help us win as many games as possible each season. So it's an honor to be respected and be thought of that way. The pictures, obviously, I could do without. But it's an honor."

Fun fact: Doug's new nickname isn't really new at all, at least in Philadelphia. When the Eagles hired Chip Kelly from Oregon in 2013, many fans prematurely attached the name to Kelly because of his reputation for fourth-down calls with the Ducks. Kelly, of course, lasted less than three seasons as Eagles head coach, and he never came close to equaling Pederson's success of 2017.

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