Here's the fake name Mitch Trubisky used to keep his dinner with the Bears a secret

The Bears shocked a lot of people -- including Mitchell Trubisky -- when they traded up to draft Trubisky No. 2 overall in last month's draft. It was shocking because the Bears gave the 49ers a king's ransom to move up one spot in the draft order. And it was shocking because the Bears showed very little public interest in Trubisky. 

We've already explained how the Bears avoided showing interest in Trubisky, and now we know how Trubisky went about keeping a dinner between the two parties a private affair. On Friday, Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune had an in-depth reported feature on the Bears' "covert visit to Chapel Hill." In that story, Wiederer revealed how Trubisky played his part in keeping the visit a secret. 

According to Wiederer, Bears general manager Ryan Pace asked Trubisky to make a secret dinner reservation on behalf of the Bears' contingent, which included Pace, coach John Fox, offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains, director of player personnel Josh Lucas, and quarterbacks coach Dave Ragone. Trubisky ended up settling on a steakhouse called Bin 54. 

Here's the fun part: Trubisky used a fake name to book the group's table to make sure nobody knew a dinner between the Bears and the top quarterback in the 2017 draft class was taking place.

The fake name? James McMahon -- as in Jim McMahon, the only quarterback to win a Super Bowl for the Bears.

"I thought that was cool," Pace told the Chicago Tribune.

"That told me he was prepared, that he did his homework," Loggains added. "You knew this moment wasn't too big for him. He still was having fun with it."

Trubisky also made sure the dinner took place in the restaurant's "secluded wine cellar," which ensured privacy. The Bears appreciated both gestures, Wiederer reported.

That's a great little nugget that further explains how the Bears courted Trubisky and how Trubisky won over the Bears, who almost definitely overpaid for him. With that being said, I can't help but think Trubisky could've won over the Bears by showing a bit more creativity in his selection of an alias. So, without further ado, here are three better choices he should've went with:

  1. Jake Cutler, because that's what John Fox called the ex-Bears quarterback at his first press conference. 
  2. Mitch Trubisky, because that's what people used to call him before he asked to be called Mitchell.
  3. Enzo Gorlomi, because of "Inglourious Basterds" of course.

OK, back to being serious. Now that Trubisky has landed -- well, he technically drove his beat-up old car to Halas Hall -- in Chicago, he'll have to deal with some sky-high expectations. Though he isn't expected to start this season, because that role still belongs to Mike Glennon, Trubisky is going to be expected to turn into the franchise-saving quarterback of a team that has lacked great quarterback play in pretty much its entire history. Furthermore, he'll have to deal with a fan base that refused to acknowledge solid quarterback play when it watched Cutler for the past eight seasons. Heck, Chicago fans already booed Trubisky at a Bulls game. Winning them over certainly won't be easy. And the fact that the Bears gave up way too much to select him won't help matters.

If you haven't watched "Inglourious Basterds," you should, because it's awesome. 

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