Here's the famous bread recipe Vince Wilfork talks about on 'Hard Knocks'

Vince Wilfork has been an unlikely star during this season's Hard Knocks, thanks in part to the magic of snug-fitting overalls and unheard of brunch recipes. During Episode 2, Wilfork and J.J. Watt talked of their mutual admiration for that meal that falls between breakfast and lunch, and Wilfork mentioned something his wife, Bianca, makes called "sunk bread" that features bacon, egg, sausage and ham.

Now, thanks to the investigative work of's Deepi Sidhu, we have the recipe, which will be featured on the season finale Tuesday night.

There aren't many ingredients -- 10 eggs, one package of bacon, 16 oz. sweet Italian sausage, ½ pound shaved honey maple ham, American cheese, crescent dough sheets, garlic salt and pepper to taste, and a splash of milk (optional) -- but the directions are slightly more complicated (they're documented in great detail here).

That said, enterprising souls won't be deterred by the multi-step process when the end result gets you this:

Here's Bianca Wilfork's famous bread recipe. (Twitter)
Here are the results of Bianca Wilfork's famous bread recipe. (Twitter)
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