Here's the play that inspired 'Philly Special' and the Eagles coach who unearthed it

The play will go down in Eagles' lore, the one that Doug Pederson called with 38 seconds left in the second quarter that ended up with Nick Foles hauling in a touchdown pass, was simply known as "Philly Special."

But before that, it was known as "Clemson Special." That's what the Bears called it when they ran it late in the 2016 season against the Vikings. Look familiar?

After the Eagles outlasted the Patriots, 41-33, to win Super Bowl LII, offensive coordinator Frank Reich talked about The Play.

"We were thinking about running it [in the NFC title game]," he said. "Do we run it against the Vikings after the Bears ran it a year before? We were ready to run it last week but the opportunity never came up and we didn't need it. So it probably worked out the best to hold it for these guys."

No kidding.

But isn't wasn't Reich or Pederson who came across the play that would change Eagles history forever. That honor goes to Eagles quality-control coach Press Taylor.

"Press has this, what we call this vault of trick plays. It's an immense vault, so every week we go into Press's vault looking for plays," Reich told's Peter King in a quiet moment following Philly's first Super Bowl victory.

Lucky for the Eagles, Taylor watched an otherwise meaningless get-together between the Bears and Vikings from more than a year ago.

"We're fine with ideas coming from anywhere," Reich continued. "Doug loves ideas."

And Pederson, to his credit, also loves being aggressive. There are few things more frustrating than watching coaches turtle up in big moments. Pederson, who has taken chances all season, didn't change in the Super Bowl.

"You learn if you play passive, if you play conservative, if you call plays conservatively, you are going to be 8-8, 9-7 every year," Pederson told King. "Every year. Frank and I just having that collaborative spirit to talk about things and talk with our quarterbacks and just come up with ways of keeping this game fresh and fun and exciting for our players. And that's really where it all stems from."

Perhaps tight end Trey Burton, who threw that touchdown pass to Foles, summed up Pederson best.

"He's got some big ones."

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