Everyone is talking about "Madden NFL 19" ratings these days, with quarterback catch ratings even getting some serious buzz thanks to EA Sports inadvertently giving Tom Brady a better catch rating than Nick Foles

There are also a slew of teams requesting EA crank up ratings for certain players, with the video game maker either approving or denying some of those requests. (For example, Foles got his catch rating bumped and Chandler Jones got his overall rating turned up.) 

One more interesting curiosity popped up when my colleague Sean Wagner-McGough, who loves Jay Cutler more than Kristin Cavallari, pointed out that the former Bears quarterback was not listed on EA's "Madden" ratings page. 

So when Ben Haumiller of EA Sports joined me on the Pick Six Podcast -- CBS Sports' daily NFL podcast, which you can subscribe to via iTunesStitcherTuneIn or Google Play -- I inquired about Cutler's status. 

Even though we all assume Cutler is retired, he did admit on "Very Cavallari" he's not 100 percent sure on what he's doing in the future. But the reason he's not in "Madden" isn't because he's probably retired, it's because his NFLPA licensing contract isn't up to date. 

"Cutler for example, he was on our list. And every year we go to the NFLPA with our list of players and ... obviously players who are under contract are good to go," Haumiller explained. "All active players are essentially apart of the NFLPA. It's those that are no longer on a team that we really have to work with them on, and also incoming rookies, to make sure they're signing what's called a group license agreement and that's what gets them involved in the NFLPA.

"Cutler was one of the guys we asked about and we were told he does not have an active group license agreement. So Cutler's not currently in 'Madden 19.' It doesn't mean he can't come back, but unfortunately you're going to [live out] your dreams of playing with Cutler in 'Madden 18.'"

So that's sad news for all the Cutler fans out there who were hoping to sign him to their imaginary teams to try and relive the lore of the 2017 Miami Dolphins

But it's not all doom and gloom: Cutler can still sign his group license agreement, or he could work with EA independently to get into the game.

So let's say, hypothetically, that Jay wants to sit around for a year and not have a job and just play as himself on Madden -- which sounds like a pretty freaking great way to spend a year, by the way. He could call EA and get signed up. 

At the very least it will do something to do when he's not thriving as a reality TV star.

Listen to the full episode below for a breakdown of why the Browns will be fun, how the EA team determined Lamar Jackson's speed and why it could go up plus much more. 

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