Here's what Odell Beckham did for Marquise Goodwin's sister that 'made her whole year'

The New York Giants finally got their second win of the season, topping the San Francisco 49ers 27-23 behind a late game-winning drive from Eli Manning, the 36th of his NFL career. They were only in position to make that comeback drive, though, due to the two touchdown catches Odell Beckham Jr. had earlier in the game. 

But catching four passes for 73 yards and two touchdowns was not the best thing Beckham did on Monday night. Nope. That happened pregame, when he showed some love to his friend Marquise Goodwin's sister, Deja. 

According to Goodwin, this simple kindness from Beckham made his sister's year. 

Deja, who is 10 months younger than Marquise, was born three months premature and underdeveloped, and has cerebral palsy. She has virtually no control over her muscles and though she can see, she is still considered legally blind. Doctors told Goodwin's mother that Deja would not live longer than six months, but she is still here 27 years later. Prior to his rookie season, Goodwin told that he is dedicating his NFL career to his sister.

"She inspires me to do everything. So, yes, I dedicate it to her," Marquise said. "If Deja wasn't my sister, I feel like I would still be motivated but not in the way that I am today. Having a disabled sister, that's a lot more motivation, especially when she tells you growing up that she wishes she can be out there with the kids playing and she wishes she can be out there running around."

Earlier this year, he bought a new house for his mother and sister to live in, posting an emotional video to Instagram. 

Goodwin has done a lot for his sister, but now Beckham has too, and the 49ers wideout showed his appreciation for the kindness. 

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