Trying to stay sharp during an NFL suspension isn't easy. Under league rules, a suspended player isn't allowed anywhere near the team's facility, which means Tom Brady has to stay away from Gillette Stadium for the next three weeks.

It also means that Brady can't be in the Patriots' team locker room at any point or even show up for a team meeting. The quarterback also isn't allowed to communicate with any teammates or club personnel during his suspension.

Not only that, but Brady can't even work out with the Patriots' training staff, which means if he's going to stay in shape, he's going to have to do it on his own. That's exactly what's been happening through the 10 days of his suspension.

If you're wondering what Brady's been up to, he offered a few highlights during a Westwood One Radio interview with Jim Gray on Monday.

First, he'd like you to know he's working out.

"I'm just trying to stay in football shape because it's football season, to find ways to have some people I work with, with bags, to hit me and be able to make throws with people chasing after you, to work on my mechanics, to keep my movement in the pocket, my drops fluid, all those things," Brady said, via "It's a lot of field work, a little bit in the gym, a lot of body work I always get in order to keep my body balanced."

Of course, he's also been tossing the football with Gisele.

Although she's no Gronk, you have to imagine that's better than throwing the football by yourself.

So what did Brady do with his first weekend off?

"Well, I was home in Boston so I had a little time during the day to kind of spend some time with the family," Brady said. "I spent a little time working out and then obviously watched a lot of football. It was fun to sit on the couch and see a lot of those games from a different perspective."

Apparently, Brady discovered the Red Zone channel over the weekend.

"I watched that one channel -- that Red Zone Channel that captures everything, which is pretty amazing," Brady said. "It's a great way to kind of watch how a lot of the flows of the games are going. You see a lot of situations. There's a lot to learn every week in the NFL."

This is clearly bad news for the Patriots, because that's the most amazing channel of all-time and why would Brady ever want to return to football if he can sit at home watching the Red Zone channel?

It's a good thing that Brady likes the Red Zone channel, because he's going to be able to watch it for the next three weeks. The quarterback isn't allowed to return to the team until Oct. 3.