Panthers quarterback Cam Newton doesn't live in California, but he's going to be playing a lot of taxes there when Uncle Sam comes calling in April.

The Panthers' decision to stay out west after the team's 35-32 loss to the Raiders on Sunday is going to cost Newton more than $200,000 in taxes. Under California law, any athlete who works in the state can be taxed on the income they earn while working there.

By the time 2016 is over, Newton will have played three games in California, which means three game checks will get hit by California's state income tax of 13.3 percent.

First, Newton and the Panthers played in Super Bowl 50. That was followed up this season by the Panthers game in Oakland against the Raiders. The Panthers also played at Los Angeles in early November. That means Newton will be paying some serious taxes for a three-game swing where the Panthers went 1-2.

Certified public accountant Robert Raiola told that he estimates that Newton will have a total of $220,000 in taxes withheld from his paycheck for those three games, which means that's one less fun hat he's going to be able to buy thanks to Carolina's games in California.

If anyone understands how Newton feels, it's probably Philip Rivers. The Chargers quarterback, who works in California almost every day, has the highest effective tax rate of any player in the NFL. According to, Rivers paid an estimated $10 million in federal and state taxes combined in 2015.

Here's a map from Raiola that shows what players have to pay in taxes when they play out of state. Besides California, Minnesota also hits athletes pretty hard with a 9.85 percent tax rate.

As for the Panthers, coach Ron Rivera isn't worried about taxes on this road trip; he just wants to see his team bond.

"It's an opportunity for the guys to do some bonding. I think that's probably one of the biggest things," Rivera said recently, via the Panthers' official website. "When you travel and you are someplace, there are things you do as a group that are a good opportunity for your guys."

Newton is currently in the second season of a five-year, $103.8 million deal that he signed in June 2015.