Here's why Colts might not be done trading down after blockbuster draft deal with Jets

The Colts got out ahead of the eight ball on Saturday, moving down in the 2018 NFL Draft through a blockbuster trade with the Jets that gives New York the third overall pick and an opportunity to land a franchise quarterback. The Colts got a haul in the process, but they might not be done trading just yet. 

As my colleague Ryan Wilson wrote after the trade, the big move up by the Jets is great news for the Browns and Giants, but it also gives the Colts an increased amount of flexibility with their position at No. 6.

Chris Ballard's move out of No. 3 was interesting, because the Colts could have conceivably waited until the draft got closer and attempted to secure a future first-round pick. But by trading with the Jets, they almost ensure their ability to move down and still secure a blue-chip player. Assuming the Browns, Jets and Broncos each take a quarterback, one of Saquon Barkley, Quenton Nelson and Bradley Chubb will be available at No. 6. 

The Broncos taking a QB feels like slightly less of a guarantee, but they are certainly in need of a quarterback despite signing Case Keenum. The Browns' pick at No. 4 could also become a quarterback if John Dorsey decides to auction it off after the Jets make their selection. If that happens, it could mean four quarterbacks going in the top five. 

But if it doesn't, and the Colts lose out on a blue-chip non-QB at No. 6, it might be even better for Ballard and Indy, because it means the Colts could be sitting there with quarterbacks on the board and a number of eager suitors inquiring about their sixth-overall pick. 

Two who stand out? The Buffalo Bills and Arizona Cardinals, two of the bigger losers from Saturday's trade.

Buffalo's been widely rumored as a team obviously interested in moving up the draft board, particularly after it traded away Cordy Glenn and Tyrod Taylor, which moved it from No. 21 to No. 12 in the first round and added the No. 65 pick to its arsenal. 

The trade-value chart pegs the No. 6 pick as worth 1,600 points. The Bills could theoretically send No. 12 and a second-round pick to the Colts in exchange for No. 6, although if the initial trade by Ballard is any indication, he's going to want more than market value for a team coming up for a quarterback. It wouldn't be prohibitive at all, though, for the Bills to utilize two first-round picks or a first-round pick and their two second-round picks (No. 53, No. 56, the latter from the Rams) in order to slide up six spots and grab a quarterback who falls. 

Likewise, Arizona at No. 15 probably recognizes the Jets deal leaves them out in the cold when it comes to the quarterback class, with three likely going in the top five. Arizona, like Buffalo, could spring for the pricey option of trading up to No. 4, leapfrogging the Broncos and getting the third choice of quarterbacks on the draft board. Or the Cardinals could wait and see how the first five picks shake out and try to make a move up to No. 6. The price would be substantially lower -- on the trade chart the difference between No. 4 and No. 6 is 200 points, roughly the equivalent of a mid-third-round pick. But given the leverage Dorsey has thanks to the presence of the Broncos at No. 5, it's highly unlikely he's going to offer a discounted rate to acquire the fourth-overall pick.  

As noted by CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora, the Ravens are another team interested in acquiring a young quarterback who could make sense in terms of a trade up. 

Don't be surprised when the number of quarterbacks going early ends up being higher than expected. Quarterback economics are real: when the supply shrinks up, demand grows and the cost of acquisition goes through the roof. 

It's precisely why the Colts, even after acquiring a pile of draft picks and moving a few slots down the board, are well positioned to potentially land another haul if one of the top-tier quarterbacks slips past No. 5.

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