Here’s why Pro Bowl paychecks can actually be bigger than Super Bowl payout

Although most NFL players are paid millions of dollars during the regular season, their paycheck takes a huge hit once the playoffs roll around. 

When Rob Gronkowski gets his postseason paycheck for the AFC Championship, it's going to be more than four times smaller than what he got during the 2017 season. 

During the regular season, Gronk was pulling in roughly $235,000 per week in base salary. However, for the playoffs, everyone on each team makes the same amount for each game. For Gronk, that means he got paid $28,000 for the Patriots' divisional round win over Tennessee and $51,000 for New England's AFC title win over Jacksonville. 

Here's a look at how much each player makes during each week of the postseason. 


2017 bonus

Wild Card (Div. Winner)


Wild Card (WC)


Divisional Round


Conference Championship


Super Bowl Loser


Super Bowl Winner


The part that's not listed there is how much Pro Bowl players will make for playing in the NFL all-star game this weekend (Sunday, 3 p.m. ET, ESPN). Under terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, every player on the winning team from the Pro Bowl will get paid $64,000, while every player from the losing team will make $32,000. 

If the NFL is hoping to entice players not to skip the Pro Bowl, that seems like a good way to do it: Pay them more money than one of the teams in the Super Bowl! 

That's right, each player on the team that wins the Pro Bowl will make $8,000 more than each player on the losing team from Super Bowl LII. 

Ben Roethlisberger might not playing in the Super Bowl, but he could earn a bigger paycheck than Tom Brady this week if the AFC wins the Pro Bowl and the Patriots lose the Super Bowl. 

The postseason payout system can actually lead to a few oddities. For instance, Jimmy Garoppolo could end up collecting a nice paycheck due to the Patriots' postseason run. Earlier this week, Will Brinson explained how Garoppolo will be making more than $100,000 in playoff money from the Patriots and you can check that out by clicking here

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