Here's why Redskins won't be punished for ditching their gold Color Rush uniforms

The Redskins' decision to ditch their all-gold Color Rush uniform for Thursday's game against the Cowboys won't come with a punishment from the NFL because the league was on board with Washington's decision to make a last-second color change. 

When the Color Rush uniforms were originally unveiled for every NFL team back in September 2016, Nike designed an all-gold look for the Redskins that the team hated. 

As matter of fact, the Redskins hated the look so much that they actually proposed a rule change in March that would allow teams to opt out of wearing their Color Rush uniforms. However, the rule was never voted on because the Redskins pulled it off the table before the spring league meeting.

The game against the Cowboys marked the Redskins' first Color Rush game and instead of going with Nike's original design, the Redskins decided to go with an all-burgundy look. 

Although there were several reports that indicated the Redskins might get hit with a fine for ditching their gold jerseys -- as part of a uniform violation -- that won't be happening. 

An NFL spokesman confirmed to that the Redskins were allowed to make the color switch because teams are being given more "flexibility" for Color Rush games this year. 

"We provided more flexibility in the second full-year of Color Rush for clubs to have the option to wear a color to wear from its color scheme," the spokesman said. 

The league also noted that several other teams have made a switch this year, including the Eagles and Dolphins. After wearing all-orange in 2016, the Dolphins switched to all-white in 2017.

As for the Eagles, they also went with all-white this year after going with all-black in 2016. 

The Color Rush games aren't even limited to Thursday anymore, either. Any team that wasn't scheduled to play a Thursday game this season -- not including Thanksgiving -- was given the option to wear their Color Rush jerseys on a Sunday. The Chargers and Giants are both taking advantage of that opportunity later this season. 

The Chargers will wear their Color Rush jersey this week against the Browns, while the Giants will wear their Color Rush combo in Week 14 against the Cowboys. 

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