When Ryan Holtan-Murphy gets married in five months, the Packers fan has decided he's going to buck tradition and take his future wife's last name.

Holtan-Murphy isn't doing it at his fiancee's request, either. He's doing it because he'd rather have her last name: Packer.

That's right, this Packers fan has decided to dump his last name so that he can be known as Mr. Packer for the rest of his life.

Ryan met his fiancee, Marie, back in 2014, and he didn't just fall in love with her, he also fell in love with her last name. As soon as the two decided to get married, Ryan decided it made a lot more sense to take Marie's last name.

"Honestly, it was never even a decision for me," Holtan-Murphy told ABC News. "As soon as things started to get serious, for me it was never an option not to take her name. I mean, it's Packer! I think we were talking about the future and I casually mentioned it, and she was very receptive, and didn't act like I was nuts -- yet another reason she's the perfect girl for me."

Holtan-Murphy, who's been a Packers fan his entire life, was so shocked to learn Marie's last name that he actually made her pull out an ID when they first met.

"Marie's cousin, Sarah Lawson, was a classmate of mine. She brought Marie along to the reunion and I was smitten instantly," Holtan-Murphy said. "Then we started talking. Marie is beautiful, strong, hilarious. And then she told me her last name. I didn't believe her and made her show two forms of ID and a credit card."

Usually when someone wants to see your ID and a credit card, that mean's they're about to rob you. But in this case, the only thing Holtan-Murphy plans to take is Marie's last name.

Just in case you're wondering, she's completely on board with the decision.

"I'm all for it," Marie said. "I was planning on keeping my name anyway, even though I'm a doctor in Chicago and I get a lot of grief from my patients, but I love that he wants to take it. 'The Packer Family' has a nice ring to it."

Ironically, the couple will actually be getting married in Bears country. The two plan to hold their nuptials in June at the Sears Tower in Chicago.