Here's why Tom Brady wore an 'I Love Gisele' shirt this week

When the Patriots held their final OTA of the offseason on Tuesday, Tom Brady wasn't in attendance, but that's only because he had way more important things to do, like celebrate a romantic holiday with his wife, Gisele Bundchen. 

For most people, the most romantic holiday of the year comes on Valentine's Day, but that's not how things work in Gisele's home country of Brazil. Down in South America, the most romantic holiday of the year is Dia Dos Namorados, and that day just happened to fall on June 12 this year. 

To celebrate the occasion, Brady did what any smart husband would do: He expressed his love on Instagram. 

Let's be honest here, nothing says you love your wife quite like a V-neck T-shirt with her name and a giant heart printed on it. The hot pink shorts are also a nice touch. 

Oh, and for some extra flair, Brady also added a caption that was written in Portugese, "Feliz dia dos namorados! Te amo muito!" 

According to my Google translator, the caption roughly translates to "Happy Valentine's Day! Love you so much!"

Anyway, it kind of makes sense that Brady and Gisele were celebrating the Brazilian version of Valentine's Day and not the American version. Back on February 14, I'm guessing Brady probably wasn't in a mood to celebrate much of anything since it had been just over one week since the Patriots lost to the Eagles in Super Bowl LII. 

By the way, Gisele also celebrated Dia Dos Namorados by posting a photo to Instagram on Tuesday; she just wasn't wearing a V-neck T-shirt with Brady's name on it. 

Feliz dia dos namorados ❤

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