Fumbling has constantly been an issue for Daniel Jones, and it reared its ugly head in the NFL during an otherwise solid rookie season. Jones led the NFL with 18 fumbles (the fifth-highest mark in NFL history) in 816 offensive snaps, or one fumble every 45.3 snaps. That's not an ideal ratio for long-term success as a starting quarterback in the NFL. 

Fortunately for Jones, the fumble issues can be corrected and he's determined to make it happen. Per Dan Duggan of The Athletic, Jones has spent the offseason working with former college head coach David Cutcliffe and trainer David Morris on cutting down his fumbles. Cutcliffe examined Jones needs to improve his visibility in the pocket to start. 

"We have a bunch of drills that are designed for pocket movement," Cutcliffe said to Duggan. "We're using equipment people, the coaches -- anybody we can to just create small, tight places in the pocket. One thing people forget is the sound of the pocket. What does noise do to most normal people? You flinch. You have to create a focus. So I yell, I do different things."

Jones obviously had success in the pocket last season, as evidenced from the 3,027 yards and 24 touchdowns he threw in 13 games (12 as a starter). His fumbling issue stemmed from waiting in the pocket too long to make a play, not recognizing when the pocket was collapsing. Jones finished with 11 lost fumbles and 12 interceptions on the year, which ranked amongst the league leaders in total turnovers. 

Cutcliffe and Morris are helping Jones in film study and reps on the field, but Jones has also asked former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current CBS analyst Tony Romo for advice. New York Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett was Romo's offensive coordinator then head coach with the Cowboys from 2007 until Romo's retirement after the 2016 season. 

Jones also upped his playing weight from 221 to 230 pounds, hoping the strength increase will help ball security. 

Fumble rate is an inexact science that quarterbacks still struggle with. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has 48 career fumbles in 56 games and would have led the league in fumbles last season if it wasn't for Jones. Dante Culpepper led the league in fumbles in back-to-back seasons, and his 23 fumbles in 2002 are tied with Kerry Collins for the most in a season. While Culpepper fixed his fumbling issues later in his career, Collins still struggled in that department as his career went into his late 30s. 

Luckily for Jones, he has time to improve the biggest flaw in his rookie year, especially since it's hard to actually have a higher fumble rate than what he showed as a rookie.