Hoyer holds statistical advantage over Rodgers ahead of TNF

Chicago Bears quarterback Brian Hoyer threw for 300-plus yards for the fourth game in a row this past Sunday, and surprisingly holds a statistical advantage over Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers heading into Week 7.

In the last 12 starts for Hoyer and Rodgers, Hoyer holds an advantage in completion percentage, passing yards per game and passer rating. Rodgers holds the edge in overall record, while Hoyer has thrown four less interceptions during that stretch.

On the surface, comparing Hoyer to Rodgers is like comparing apples to oranges. Rodgers has won a Super Bowl and two MVP awards, while Hoyer has started just 30 games in nine seasons. But Rodger has struggled this season and admitted that following Green Bay's Week 6 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Green Bay's offense has been predictable for weeks, leaving Rodgers vulnerable in the passing game.

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While Rodgers has been struggling, Hoyer has seemingly been thriving. He has not thrown an interception this season and has put up four straight impressive passing games in terms of yardage, but the Bears are just 1-3 with him under center and have lacked any sort of punch on offense. Hoyer lacks the arm strength to really push the ball down the field and has relied on short passes and runs after the catch to bolster his passing numbers.

At this point in the year, Hoyer is not quite as good as his numbers may indicate, just as Rodgers is not quite as bad as his numbers may indicate. On Thursday night, both quarterbacks will have a chance to prove which sentiment is true.

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