2017 was never going to be the Cleveland Browns' year, but most people didn't expect it to be this bad. With the New York Jets now 2-2, the Browns are pretty decisively the front-runners for "most dysfunctional team of the year."

As Jason La Canfora reported, the Browns are dealing with organizational unrest after an ownership conference call took place with coach and staff.

Where does Hue Jackson stand on all of this? He's apparently out of the loop (if there's a loop to be out of). After being routed by the Bengals 31-7 to drop to 0-4, Jackson was asked about the rift between ownership and staff. He tried to debunk any word of strife between the various levels of Browns leadership.

"I know nothing about any of that stuff," Jackson said. "People can say what they are going to say. Let's be honest, that has been the [reported] flavor of this organization for years. That doesn't exist in our building at all. I know those things are going to come. You guys are going to ask those questions. I know nothing about that at all."

Jackson clearly believes in the Browns team that he has. As La Canfora reported, Jackson has already said that he believes in the current core of talent that the Browns have built.

"I think this team can [win]," he said. "I think we have to do some things better and work a little bit harder and make sure that we do some of the detail things right, but that question that you just asked, I think that is something you have to talk to Sashi about and the executive team."

Despite the Browns' struggles, all hope isn't lost. With several early picks in the draft at their disposal in 2018, they can build on what they already have. Despite the poor record for quarterback DeShone Kizer, he's shown flashes of potential, and even if the experiment doesn't pan out, Cleveland can still draft another quarterback next year.

Although things seem dire, and at least on some level the ownership seems to believe as much, all hope isn't lost for the Browns. 2017, however, has the potential to be one of the more painful seasons that the Browns have had to endure in some time -- and that's saying something.