Hue Jackson says all four of the draft's top QBs are still in consideration for Browns

The Cleveland Browns have the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft once again. It's widely expected that, unlike last year, the Browns will pick a quarterback this time around. Which quarterback? They don't know yet. At least, according to coach Hue Jackson. 

Jackson took questions on Day 1 of the Browns' offseason program, and he said that GM John Dorsey has not finished his draft process yet, and that the team is undecided on which quarterback it will select, noting that each of the top four are still under consideration for the pick. 

Jackson also said that it's "not the end of the world" if the team's decision-makers don't reach a consensus on which quarterback to select because there are multiple good players available. That was before he said there's a better chance the Browns will make a good pick than a bad one, belying the history of the NFL draft in general and the Browns' quarterback-selecting abilities in particular. 

Jackson wasn't the only person with the Browns to comment on the possibility of bringing in a new quarterback. Last year's No. 1 overall pick, Myles Garrett, was asked for his opinion on the top QB prospects this year, as well. 

And his answer was pretty much perfect. 

If the Browns find a QB that's as good at passing as Garrett is at answering questions, they'll be in good shape. 

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