Improvements to Lambeau Field kept Packers from relocation talks

The Green Bay Packers are not going to move anytime soon if ever. And the reason for that is the team has done a number of things to avoid the discussion of relocation, which is something the Rams, Chargers and the Raiders have done in a 14-month span.

Having an up-to-date stadium is essential in today's NFL. If a team doesn't have a stadium that fits the fans needs and the city won't help the team get a new stadium, then that team will leave and move to a city with a state-of-the-art stadium. So this led to the Packers making big renovations to Lambeau Field in 2003 which cost $295 million. The Packers also invested $312 million for an expansion and renovation from 2011-2015 which included 7,000 more seats, new video boards and the Packers Hall of Fame.

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The Packers are also developing the Titletown District which will include a hotel, health clinic, brewery and restaurant, sports field and ice skating rink right by Lambeau Field.

“I think what we’ve done with Lambeau Field,” Packers president Mark Murphy said via, “is an example with a major renovation in 2003, and then the more recent ones. I think it’s really beneficial for the team. For us, I don’t want to think what would happen if the Packers ever moved out of Green Bay – that would be bad. So for us, one of the main reasons we invest in a stadium and done all that we’ve done to Lambeau Field is to make sure that the team stays there.”

The Packers have been in Green Bay since its inception in 1919. Moving has never been an option for the Packers, but the organization knows they have to keep up with the times in order to prevent from what occurred with the Rams, Chargers and Raiders.

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