In cute video, Brandon Marshall lobbies Jets to re-sign Fitzpatrick

Either the Jets don't want Ryan Fitzpatrick back badly enough to sign him before he hits free agency or Fitzpatrick doesn't want to commit to the Jets before seeing what kind of money he can draw from other teams. Either way, Fitzpatrick is hitting the open market. And Brandon Marshall isn't happy about it.

So, the Jets' wide receiver decided to film a short (and cute) video to convince the Jets to re-sign his quarterback.

@nyjets #MindOverMatter

A video posted by Brandon Marshall (@bmarshall) onMar 7, 2016 at 12:44pm PST

Then, he Tweeted out a link to the video and tagged the Jets to make sure they watched.

Marshall's video comes hours after NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported that the Jets and Fitzpatrick are "far" from reaching a deal, which makes sense for both sides. Given the lack of quarterbacks available for hire, Fitzpatrick should test the waters to see what kind of money he can earn on the open market. And the Jets really shouldn't overpay for Fitzpatrick -- a subpar quarterback.

And that means Marshall will have to wait this one out, which, on the bright side, will give him plenty of time to film a few sequels.

Brandon Marshall's video is cute, and kind of weird. (Instagram: @bmarshall)
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