Incognito starts Twitter campaign to keep Jake Long in Miami

Richie Incognito has taken to Twitter to let the world know he wants Jake Long back in Miami. (USATSI)

Free agent left tackle Jake Long is trying to decide if he wants to play in St. Louis or stay in Miami. If Dolphins left guard Richie Incognito has any say, Long will be spending 2013 and beyond in South Beach. 

Incognito has kick-started a Twitter campaign with one goal: keeping Long in Miami. Incognito's efforts started Friday and haven't stopped.  

Here's a sample of Incognito's tweets, which include a picture of Long and Incognito dressed for Halloween.

Incognito's Twitter campaign started with this tweet:

Then Incognito decided his Twitter campaign needed a hashtag, so he gave it one:

Incognito liked his hashtag so much, he decided it deserved its own tweet: 

Incognito then started retweeting some Dolphins' fans, who seemed to be a little confused about the hashtag:  

Then Incognito decided went all Jerry Maguire on Long with this touching tweet: 

After that, Incognito decided to start tweeting pictures of him and Long together: 

Then the pictures got better: 

If Long re-signs, Dolphins fans should probably send a thank you note to Incognito -- or at least a thank you tweet. 

(h/t Deadspin)

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