Incognito tweets to Jonathan Martin: No hard feelings, let's move on

Richie Incognito hopes there's 'no hard feelings' with Jonathan Martin. (USATSI)
Richie Incognito hopes there's 'no hard feelings' with Jonathan Martin. (USATSI)

Jonathan Martin, if you're reading this, Richie Incognito wants you to call him.

It's been just over five weeks since the Ted Wells report was released and Incognito sounds like a guy ready to put everything behind him. It also sounds like he's hoping Martin is ready to do the same thing, Incognito just needs Martin to pick up the phone and call him. 

Incognito directed two tweets in Martin's direction on Sunday night and in one tweet, Incognito told his former teammate they should 'move on.' 

Of course, Martin may not be ready to move on and there might still be some "hard feelings" stemming from the locker room harassment that Wells uncovered during his three-month investigation. However, Incognito sounds hopeful that all of that can be hashed out in a phone call. 

A public forum like Twitter probably isn't the best place to try and fix things and no, Martin hasn't yet responded to Incognito -- at least not on Twitter. The two players may need to eventually talk though because it's possible they could be playing football less than 30 miles apart in 2014. 

Martin was traded to San Francisco on the first day of free agency and Incognito has made it clear he'd be "100 percent into" signing with Oakland. Raiders owner Mark Davis didn't exactly shoot down the idea of Incognito going to Oakland, either. On Sunday at the NFL owners meetings, Davis said he'd 'think about' it

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