Incoming Browns owner thinking about roof for his stadium

With a roof on Cleveland’s stadium, we couldn’t bring you pictures like this. (Getty Images)

It gets cold in the winter in Cleveland. Sometimes, it’s gray; and yes, sometimes it snows. It's also windy every once in a while, especially if you play football just off Lake Erie. You know what would solve all of those problems? Putting a roof on Cleveland Browns Stadium, obviously.

Actually, incoming owner Jimmy Haslam said he's thinking about doing exactly that. Though he hasn’t fully committed to the idea, he has told members of the Cleveland City Council (via the Akron Beacon Journal) that he’ll consider that plan.

“One of the first acts that we’ll do, and I’ve said this several times, assuming we’re approved [as owner] -- is to bring in, I think there’s three nationally known stadium architects -- and you’d be crazy not to talk to all three of them -- and get their ideas about the stadium,” Haslam said.

“We are completely open-minded, and we want to provide really two things: one, a great experience for our fans at a Browns game; the other thing, secondly -- and I assume this is what everybody in this room is interested in -- we want to use that facility as much as we possibly can, want to use it more than we can now. So anything that helps us do that, I’m certainly not at all saying we’re gonna do that, but we’ll certainly take a look at it.”

Me? I don’t have much of an opinion on whether the Browns should or shouldn’t, though I will say it won’t feel like December in Cleveland if fans can watch the game in person at 72 degrees (of course, I’m also a big proponent of being comfortable).

But Cleveland coach Pat Shurmur doesn’t care much for the idea.

“I like the setting that we present on game day here,” Shurmur said. “I’m not really trying to visualize anything different at this point. … I think some of the charm of, at least of what I’ve experienced so far here in Cleveland, is kind of the late-season, wintry setting.”

Alas, if Haslam and the Browns go ahead and decide to install a roof, Browns football will lose some winter football charm (as if the team recently had much charm to begin with), though putting more events inside an enclosed stadium would mean more money for the team.
But as long as we have a roofless Lambeau Field, we’re pretty sure the world will keep on spinning.

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