Inside the NFL edits controversial play in Seahawks-Falcons

NFL Films and Showtime's Inside the NFL just added a new layer to the the controversy from the end of Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons.

In their game highlights of the hotly-contest matchup (which can be viewed above), the game-deciding play has been heavily edited in the Falcons favor.

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On fourth down, the Falcons had one final chance to extend the drive, down 26-24 to the Seahawks. Atlanta cornerback Matt Ryan threw a deep pass into double coverage to his wide receiver Julio Jones, where Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman appears to interfere with Jones by grabbing his arm.

Interestingly enough, a review of the entirety of the play shows Jones hitting Sherman in the helmet area off the line of scrimmage. The move knocks the cornerback off balance and clearly helps the talented wideout get open, meaning at the very least both teams committed a penalty the refs didn't see on the play. So how does Inside the NFL factor into this?

In their highlights, the final play is edited to look like Jones has a free release off the line of scrimmage with Sherman nowhere in sight. The possible penalty on Atlanta is nowhere to be found while the controversy on Sherman is spotlighted. It's clear the play has been edited with the beginning of another play.

A couple of Seahawks writers/bloggers were the first to notice the edit.

Perhaps, there's a purely coincidental reason for the edit? Maybe a cosmetic cut to juice up the drama of the final play? Or, they were unaware of a controversy at the start of play was found?

Of course, it could just be harder to sell the drama of a double penalty instead of the Falcons getting jobbed.

Either way, it's not a good look for the NFL.

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