Is a Seinfeld Super Bowl XLVIII reunion commercial in the works?

Jerry Seinfeld and 'George' were spotted at the famous diner.
Jerry Seinfeld and 'George' were spotted at the famous diner. (

It's been a long time since Seinfeld was on the air waves. There's always hope that it'll return in some form or fashion and maybe that could happen in the form of a Super Bowl XLVIII commercial.

On Monday a photo popped up on Twitter of Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander (a.k.a. George Costanza) walking along the street near "Tom's Restaurant," the famous diner from Seinfeld. 

TMZ reports that the two may have been at the diner filming a Super Bowl commercial and that Larry David was also possibly in the diner and possibly involved in the filming of the ad. 

Seinfeld strolled out the front door of the diner and was spotted by cameras; Larry and George (who are actually the same person ... worlds colliding, etc.) reportedly "snuck out the side door."

It would be entirely fitting for the gang to get back together with the Super Bowl in the Big Apple. 

Let's just hope this is real. And spectacular. 

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