Is this why Jets fired Mike Maccagnan? Here's what reportedly happened during their recent coach search

The New York Jets made an abrupt change in leadership on Wednesday by axing general manager Mike Maccagnan just three weeks after the 2019 NFL Draft, and while the team has a long history of confusing decisions, this one remains a head-scratcher.

That's because Maccagnan is only a few months removed from overseeing a spending spree -- of almost $200 million -- to restock the Jets for Year Two of the Sam Darnold era.

Joining Will Brinson on the Thursday edition of the Pick Six Podcast, Andrew Perloff of The Dan Patrick Show shared one of the potentially big reasons Maccagnan has been ousted in favor of more power for new coach Adam Gase -- and it has to do with the way Maccagnan went about hiring Gase in the first place.

"That coaching search, both from what I've heard inside and the outside, was a mess," Perloff said. "There were basically two candidates at the end, and Adam Gase somehow emerged. From everything I've heard, it was not well run or well organized by Maccagnan. So I think that might've played into it."

Not only that, Perloff continued, but it was apparent early in the offseason that it was "kind of a weird marriage" between Gase, "this sort of hardcore, disciplinarian coach" and the type of big-name free agents that Maccagnan paid -- guys like Le'Veon Bell, who landed a big-money deal but didn't attend early voluntary workouts.

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