A month has passed since NFL free agency started and Jadeveon Clowney is still the top player available on the open market. Clowney doesn't appear close to signing with any team yet, but the Tennessee Titans remain in touch with the three-time Pro Bowl defensive end. 

Titans general manager Jon Robinson admitted Tennessee hasn't turned the page on Clowney, even though the chances of signing him looked bleak.

"We'll see," Robinson said Friday, via the team website. "Like I said a couple of weeks ago, we've had some discussions there and we've had some dialogue back and forth. You never close the door on anything."

The Titans last talked to Clowney at the beginning of the month and plenty has changed in Clowney's demands since. Clowney is willing to take a one-to-two year deal to "try to get his sack numbers up" and hit the market next offseason since he couldn't get the $20 million a year contract he was seeking earlier in March. Clowney has also reportedly lowered his asking price from north of $20 million per season to $17-18 million, which still may be the deal he's seeking -- just for a short-term commitment. 

Tennessee's competition for Clowney is slim. The Cleveland Browns have been the only team linked to Clowney and appeared to be the closest team toward actually landing a deal for him. The Seattle Seahawks appear to be out of the running, as the chances are "slim to none" that Clowney re-signs with Seattle.

Clowney has 32 sacks in six NFL seasons with 80 quarterback hits, 252 pressures and three Pro Bowl appearances. While the resume is impressive, Clowney had just three sacks in his lone season with the Seahawks in 2019. Playing through a core muscle injury didn't help Clowney, even though he finished with 31 tackles, four forced fumbles, 13 quarterback hits and 47 pressures in 13 games. 

So what's holding up a Clowney deal? The low sack numbers are a part of it, but also Clowney's health (he's missed 21 games over his six-year career and played all 16 games in a season only once) is a concern. There is nothing close to final between Clowney and the Titans, but Tennessee continues to check in. 

"As I said earlier, I don't think there's anything imminent in the works," Robinson said. "But we'll continue to try and work though things and see how they go."