Jaguars GM David Caldwell emphasizes 'elite QB' play in Twitter chat

You might not have noticed yet, but the Jaguars are kind of blowing things up and trying to right the ship. It might not result in immediate positive results for Jacksonville in 2013 (at least in terms of wins), but they're headed in the right direction with a smart front office.

The guy running the show, new GM David Caldwell, took to the Jaguars Twitter account on Tuesday morning and, I'm pretty sure, became the first NFL general manager to hold a Twitter chat.

Caldwell answered questions for 15 minutes while riding in the car to the Florida Gators' pro day and impressively answered more than 30 questions.

Some of his answers don't provide much insight into the Jaguars approach to football ...

While others provide a LOT of insight into how the Jaguars will approach the future:

I like to think that Dave was making a This Is Spinal Tap\ reference, but either way his point is important: you have to have good quarterback play in the NFL if you want to succeed. Right now, the Jags don't have that, and it's reasonable to wonder if the new regime is already prepared to move on from Blaine Gabbert, who has looked like a three on that scale thus far.

They would, I'd think, ride him out this year. And maybe he ends up blooming into a viable quarterback in his third year. If not, well, it's likely the Jags will seek out another quarterback in the near future.

My guess is next year's draft. But whenever it is, Caldwell made it clear the draft is important, and much more important than free agency.

That's not good news for the knee-jerk fan who wants headlines and wants his team spending money. But it's good news for the smart football fan who understands the proper way to build a team. Jacksonville egged hard before 2012 when it went out and tried to leverage free agency into a successful 2012.

It didn't work out and the team lost a lot of games. Caldwell doesn't sound like he's expecting a monster season, but he did sound willing to go on Twitter again, all for the low, low cost of selling out the stadium in Jacksonville.

A Twitter chat is a small thing, obviously. And Caldwell's answers don't set in stone anything when it comes to the Jaguars plans.

But it's clearly a different look than what the Jaguars had going on before and the forthright approach is refreshing.

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