Jaguars owner handles Tebow the right way

Jacksonville Jaguars fans take note: Your new owner gets it.

Why do I say that? When it looked like the Jaguars were going to make a deal to trade for Tim Tebow, which the front office didn't want, owner Shad Khan looked be the next in a long line of meddling owners making bad decisions.

But the trade never happened as Tebow was sent to the New York Jets. It's said that Tebow picked the Jets over the Jaguars.

The reason I hear is because he was told he would be little more than No. 3 quarterback, special-teams player and short-yardage role player on the Jaguars. 

That means the front office won.

Khan must have told general manager Gene Smith he'd like to have Tebow and his cult-like following, but it probably meant on the terms outlined by the front office and coaching staff.

That meant a limited role.

Tebow picked the Jets, where he is expected to be more involved in a Wildcat role behind Mark Sanchez. 

I joked this week that Khan was become Shad Snyder, a shot at Redskins owner Dan Snyder.

But this shows that Khan isn't that. If he were, he'd have told Smith to get Tebow at all costs. In the end, Khan deferred to his front office. 

I respect him for doing so.

CBS Sports Senior Writer

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