Leonard Fournette could be in hot water with the NFL after a video emerged this week that showed him threatening a fan in Nashville during the waning moments of Jacksonville's 30-9 loss to Tennessee in Week 14. 

At some point during the fourth quarter, Fournette approached the fan at Nissan Stadium in Nashville and threatened him. 

"I will beat your ass," Fournette is heard saying in the video, which was obtained by TMZ. 

At that point, multiple Jaguars staffers grabbed Fournette and convinced him to head back over to the team bench area. However, even after returning to the Jaguars bench, Fournette still wasn't done with the fan. In the video, which you can see on TMZ by clicking here, Fournette turns away from the field and once again starts yelling at the fan.  

"You're too old for that. Chill out. I'm not worried about you," Fournette says. "You want to come down here? I'll whoop your ass."

Jaguars coach Doug Marrone was asked about the incident on Monday and he said that Fournette only made the comments because the fan had been heckling him with racial slurs. 

"I met with Leonard, he said there was a racial slur, so that's what was told to me," Marrone said. 

When asked if Fournette would be facing any punishment from the team, Marrone insinuated that his running back probably wouldn't be facing any discipline due to the circumstances of the situation. 

"Kind of a tough one if it's a racial slur and that's what the player tells you," Marrone said. 

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If Fournette does end up facing any punishment for the incident, it will likely come from the league. Marrone admitted on Monday that he hadn't talked to anyone besides Fournette to verify whether or not the running back's story was accurate. With the video now public, the NFL will likely investigate to determine whether or not a punishment is warranted. 

If Fournette were to get suspended, it would mark the second time this year that he's been punished. The Jaguars running back was suspended for one game after he got into a fight with Buffalo's Shaq Lawson in Week 12. Fournette has been having a tough time with fans this year. After the fight in Buffalo, a fan threw a beer can at him and hit him in the head as he was leaving the field.