The Jaguars are selling luxury poolside cabanas.
The Jags are selling luxury poolside cabanas. (

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Last summer about this time (almost exactly a year ago), the Jaguars announced a $63 million renovation of Everbank Field. Part of that renovation, the team's site details, includes a bunch of luxury poolside cabanas.

One section of those cabanas (which you can see above and in bigger form here) are selling for $12,500 per game. Well, technically they're selling for $250 a seat (which includes all you can eat and drink and a ticket for the game) and each cabana hosts 50 people. With four cabanas available, that's a pretty nice little chunk of income ($50,000) for the Jaguars from a pretty awesome little private party they'll host eight times a year.

(You could argue $250 is a steal for all you can eat/drink poolside, assuming you're willing to, ahem, maximize your efforts.)

There are other "new seating features" offered from the Jaguars as well.

"Field Seats" -- 182 of them -- on the North and South East sides of Everbank are designed to get you closer to the action "like never before" at $350 per game with all you can eat and drink.

The Jaguars also added "Kickoff Club Tables," which are PRIVATE, four-person tables you can purchase at $350 a seat, including premium parking and all you can eat/drink. 21 tables on the West Club section and 19 tables on the East Club section are available, all between the 20's. 

There are also more cabanas. Fourteen cabanas that hold 20 people per are located in the North End Zone of Everbank and are priced at $175 per seat per game or $150 seat for the season. ($3,500 for a game or $24,000 for the season.) They feature TVs, fans and, yes, all you can eat/drink.

And, finally, a "North End Zone Bar Rail" was constructed with 120 seats total. For $150 per seat (per game) you get an all-inclusive eating and drinking experience. Get bored of the game? Turn around and stare at the people cavorting poolside behind you. 

The Jaguars aren't the "most popular" team in the NFL and people like to make "jokes" about "tarps" when it comes to Everbank Field.

So the Jaguars took out 9,500 seats in the North End Zone to create many of these projects, making the tarp jokes much more difficult. Plus, who's laughing at someone sitting by a pool?

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