Jalen Ramsey gives Texans' Bill O'Brien advice on starting quarterback dilemma

The Texans scored exactly one touchdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, and it didn't come with starter Tom Savage at the helm. Savage got Captain Hooked early on for rookie DeShaun Watson, who jumped on his chance and led the Texans to a touchdown drive in his first career possession. The rest of his numbers were rather pedestrian; he finished 12 of 23 for 102 yards, a touchdown and an interception. 

Now the Texans are in a precarious position, as they try to decide who should start for the remainder of the season. Neither quarterback looked particularly good Sunday, and the Texans' offensive line was so horrific against the Jaguars that it's almost a question of whom head coach Bill O'Brien likes less at this point. However, lucky for him, Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey is on the case.

"Personally, I think [Watson] gives them a better chance," Ramsey told CBS Houston. "He came in and gave them a new dynamic, did very well when he was in, managed the offense, [scored] on that first drive."

While Ramsey isn't wrong, it isn't quite that simple. There could have been any number of reasons that Watson was able to score where Savage couldn't. Maybe he's just better, and it would be unwise to rule that out, but the Jaguars were also looking at something completely different and Watson wasn't getting players in his face the whole drive. The one time he did, he threw an interception that was called back due to an illegal hands to the face penalty.

Ramsey didn't just give O'Brien free advice, he got some parting shots in too. "They got one Savage over there, Tom Savage, we got a whole bunch of 'em, we got a bunch of Savages over here," he said. With Calais Campbell, Dante Fowler Jr. and Ramsey on that side of the ball, the defensee gelled better than anyone would have expected for a Week 1 unit. It was the complete opposite of the game many expected, as the Texans' defense was expected to dominate (Michael Irvin said pregame that J.J. Watt would have 7.5 sacks, a number that Campbell apparently took personally as he finished with a franchise record four).

The Jaguars have put together a scarier defensive unit, but the Texans have put together an inversely scary offensive line. If they can't sort that situation out, it won't matter who is under center for the rest of the season (and somewhere, David Carr's ears are burning and his back is inexplicably flaring up).

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