Jalen Ramsey got tossed from the Jaguars' win over the Bengals on Sunday even though he was the one who got punched and body-slammed by A.J. Green, who was also ejected. According to referee Brad Allen, Ramsey was ejected for being the "instigator" of the fight. Considering Ramsey got ejected without throwing a punch and how mild-mannered Green usually is, the question needs to be asked ...

What in the heck did Ramsey say to set off Green?

Finally, we have a partial answer. I say partial because we're only hearing Ramsey's side of the story. Green has yet to say what Ramsey said to him to instigate the fight. But on Wednesday, Ramsey told reporters what he said to Green. 

According to Ramsey, he told Green that's he's "weak and soft," which he said is true.

Ramsey also denied saying anything about Green's family, though he did tell Green that his time as an elite receiver was over. Additionally, ESPN's Michael DiRocco reported that Ramsey confirmed he was going to the Bengals' locker room before security stopped him.

You can watch Ramsey tell his side of the story below:

After the game, Green did apologize for his actions and explained why he reacted the way that he did. Missing from that explanation? What Ramsey said to him leading up to the fight.

"The ref came to me [on the] sideline and said next time he puts his hands to your face, we're going to call it. I let it slide, let it slide, a couple of plays. It's football. Things get a little rough up there, so I didn't mind that," Green said, per ESPN.

"But when you start trying to take cheap shots when I'm not looking and stuff like that, then that's when I've got to defend myself and I'm not going to back down from anybody. I have a son, and I'm not going to teach him to back down from anybody like that. It's a respect thing. I respect all my opponents -- but when it gets to a level, when I'm not looking and put myself in danger, I'm going to have to defend myself."

Both players avoided suspensions, but could be fined later this week. Don't expect the Jaguars to hand down their own suspension. On Tuesday, Jaguars executive vice president of football operations Tom Coughlin defended Ramsey, saying he played within the rules of the game.

"I want to voice my support for Jalen Ramsey following the incident in our game on Sunday," Coughlin said in a statement. "Our players are instructed to not retaliate or get involved or do anything that would result in eviction because that would hurt the team. Team comes first, and Jalen was trying not to hurt his team. While he did push his opponent -- something that happened with other players during the game -- he did not retaliate, he threw no punches, and he did not fight back. Jalen was doing what Coach Marrone has instructed him to do -- which is to play tough, be physical and to make every play difficult for his opponent. There was banter going back and forth during the game, but Jalen was playing football within the rules."