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It's no surprise Jamal Adams is a hot commodity, given how the All-Pro safety has established himself as one of the best in the league in his time with the New York Jets. After demanding a trade due to lack of traction in contract talks, however, he's also set to cost a pretty penny to acquire -- assuming general manager Joe Douglas decides to concede and ship out his best player. If that were to happen, there are several clubs champing at the bit to give the Jets a holler, if only to find out the asking price. And it appears that's already begun, with the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers squaring off early in the race. 

In a preliminary jockeying for position, the Seahawks formally inquired with the Jets about Adams, a league source confirmed to Rob Rang of, who also noted they weren't the only club to do so. The 49ers matched suit and did the same, per Corbin Smith of, setting the stage for a potential NFC West battle -- front office style. 

As it stands, neither call is being viewed as anything more than a feeler, and both would see competition in any potential derby to land Adams. The 24-year-old has been just as vocal about where he'd want to land, if traded, and while early reports were/are that he's open to playing for the Seahawks; he's also noted a willingness to reunite with former Jets head coach Todd Bowles in Tampa Bay, while additionally finding every possible way to make it clear he wants to be in a Dallas Cowboys uniform. The latter will be exceedingly difficult to achieve though, and for a variety of reasons, and the sources tell CBS Sports the Cowboys are not one of the teams who have recently asked about Adams.

Yes, the Cowboys still have interest in him -- as they did when they attempted to trade for him in October -- but a soured relationship with the Jets and Adams' penchant for giving Douglas reason to gouge the price has thus far kept Jerry Jones from picking up the phone again, at least for now.

Long story short, like Earl Thomas before him, being hypervocal is working against Adams' chances of landing in Dallas.

Speaking of Thomas, the Seahawks would love to finally identify his successor in Seattle, and Adams would instantly be just that, should they find themselves able to pry him away from the Jets. They'll have to contend with a familiar foe in the 49ers, though, and the fact there's interest from multiple teams also indicates an inevitable bidding war would be in play for all involved. Douglas doesn't want to trade Adams and doesn't have to, considering the Jets have him under contract for two more years and could easily franchise tag him for a third, so any offer lobbed at New York would have to be one Douglas can't refuse.

For the Seahawks and 49ers, it would be as much about landing Adams as it would be keeping him away from a division rival they have to play at least twice a season -- two reasons to be comfortable paying top dollar.