Former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison was a force on the gridiron during his 15-year NFL career. He was notably an extremely physical player that he had a large amount of strength in his arsenal. But even in his retirement, Harrison is still training like he plays in the NFL.

In a video posted on Instagram this week, the 42-year old Harrison pushed a sled of weights that amounted to a whopping 1,960 pounds. He succeeded in moving the sled a few yards after getting a low center of gravity.

Harrison has been known to post his workouts on social media and clearly enjoys working out, even three years removed from his playing career. However, this is simply wild, to say the least. It seems inhuman for a man to be able to push nearly 2,000 pounds by himself. That almost a literal ton!

At the same time, it may not be all that surprising that Harrison has an insane work ethic. That same work ethic allowed him to help the Steelers win two Super Bowls and is what made him a five-time Pro Bowler during his 15 years in the league.

While many of us aren't exactly the most motivated while being quarantined, Harrison has found an excellent way to occupy his time.