Jared Goff gets a promotion ahead of the Rams' L.A. opener against Seattle

Jared Goff, despite being the first overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, was his team's third quarterback in the first game of his professional career. Rams coach Jeff Fisher listed Goff behind both starter Case Keenum and backup Sean Mannion for his team's embarrassing 28-0 drubbing at the hands of the 49ers.

Prior to the game, Fisher explained why Goff was behind the other two QBs.

"Jared's had a great camp, so has Sean. Case (Keenum) is clearly our starter. I think Week 1 just to settle things down ... it's probably going to be, like I mentioned last week, it's probably going to be three and inactive," Fisher said ahead of the opener, per NFL.com. "That's just how it goes. And then next week we'll flip them. I just want him to feel and sense and absorb the pressures of Week 1."

A week later, just as Fisher planned, Goff is being elevated to the No. 2 role in place of Mannion.

"He's really excited about it," Fisher said, per ESPN.com. "He's ready to play if anything happens. It's exciting for him, just knowing that he's a snap away from going in the game."

What's that "anything" that could happen to get Goff into the game? Who knows? Fisher neglected to pull Keenum during that Week 1 loss to San Francisco, even while his team could barely move the ball at all against the 49ers' defense. Maybe things will be different during a home game, though, the first in Los Angeles since 1994.

If Goff does see action, he'll have to go up against what has been the NFL's best defense over the last four years. The Seahawks have led the NFL in points allowed in each of the last four seasons and sport Pro Bowl or All-Pro caliber players at each level of the defense. The Rams might be better off throwing Keenum to the wolves and letting Goff get his first action against the Buccaneers next week, or even the Bills (who just got torn to shreds by the Jets on Thursday) two weeks after that.

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