Jarvis Landry thinks the best wide receiver in the NFL is Jarvis Landry

Ask a bunch of people to name the best wide receiver in the NFL and you'll likely get a few different answers. Some would say Antonio Brown, who has been a first-team All-Pro in four straight seasons and leads the NFL in both catches and receiving yards during that span. Some might say Julio Jones, who is essentially uncoverable when he gets going. Some might say Odell Beckham or DeAndre Hopkins or Michael Thomas or Keenan Allen

Ask Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry who the best receiver is, though, and you'll get an answer that is both obvious and not obvious: Jarvis Landry. 

"I consider myself the most complete receiver," Landry said, per the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "If you turn on the film, I do everything. I block; I play inside; I play outside; and I come out of the backfield. My value is that much more to the team and to the offense. I consider myself the best receiver in the NFL."

Landry has generally been considered a short-yardage slot man throughout his four-year career. He has 400 catches in his first four years in the league -- the most in NFL history in a player's first four years -- but even though he ranks third in the league in total catches since entering the NFL, he also checks in just 77th in yards per reception among the top 100. He has indeed operated primarily out of the slot as well. 

But he was traded from the Dolphins to the Browns this offseason, and the Browns certainly paid him as if he is a complete receiver. Landry was signed to a five-year, $75.5 million contract that contains $47 million in guarantees and gives him the third-highest cap hit among all wideouts in 2018. 

Whether he can provide surplus value on that deal for the Browns remains to be seen. He certainly has the requisite confidence in his abilities, and the Browns apparently do as well. 

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