Jason Whitlock on RG3: 'He wants to be a Kardashian'

Twitter followers and the Kardashians are apparently RG3's main motivation. (Ryan Wilson, CBSSports.com)
Robert Griffin III is the most important player to take the field for the Redskins in at least two decades. And for the first eight months in Washington he couldn't do much wrong. Then he suffered a serious knee injury in January's playoff loss to the Seahawks, which led to accusations from the media that coach Mike Shanahan let a 22-year-old rookie on a bad wheel talk him into staying in the game.

One of the people beating that drum, ESPN's Jason Whitlock, has gone all in with his latest conspiracy theory on Griffin, who is set to start Week 1 of the regular-season.

While filling in Michael Wilbon on Tuesday's Pardon the Interruption, Whitlock was asked by co-host Tony Kornheiser, "Why is [RG3] constantly, overtly and covertly sniping at Mike Shanahan?"

It's simple, according to Whitlock (via the Washington Post).

“Because he wants -- and Tony, you’re gonna think I’m joking -- he’s building a Twitter following, Tony. And you have to be involved in controversy. He wants to be a Kardashian. Listen, Khloe is gonna be on the market shortly, it sounds like. And I wouldn’t be surprised if RG3 … well, he just got married, so I won’t go there.”

Trenchant analysis. To recap: RG3 wants to play football not because he's a competitor, or is eager to bring a championship back to D.C., but because he needs more Twitter followers. Got it.

“He’s a smart kid," Whitlock continued, making slightly more sense. "He understands the leverage that he has over his head coach. And if you allow a kid to have leverage over a parent or an adult, he’s going to take advantage of it, and that’s what he’s doing.”

In related news: Jason Whitlock doesn't have children.

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