Jason Witten says one of this year's rookie quarterbacks reminds him of Tony Romo

Coming into the 2018 NFL Draft, there was a group of four or five quarterbacks considered the class of the position. Nobody knew which of Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen or Lamar Jackson would go No. 1 to the Browns until the day before the draft, and nobody necessarily knew which QBs would land with the Jets, Bills or Cardinals, either. 

We know how it turned out: the Browns took Mayfield No. 1. The Jets landed Darnold at No. 3 after the Giants passed on taking a quarterback. The Bills moved up to grab Allen at No. 7, and the Cards moved up for Rosen at No. 10. At the very end of the night, the Ravens moved back into the first round to grab Jackson at No. 32. 

Of course, the teams themselves aren't the only ones with opinions about this class of QBs. Former Dallas Cowboys tight end and new ESPN "Monday Night Football" analyst Jason Witten has his favorite, as well. He likes the Jets' Sam Darnold, who reminds Witten of his former teammate. 

Romo, of course, was an undrafted free-agent who sat on the Cowboys' bench for several seasons before overtaking Drew Bledsoe as the team's starter. He eventually set almost every Cowboys individual passing record, with Witten providing a lot of help along the way. Darnold may not begin the season as the Jets' starter, but he figures to get into the lineup long before Romo did. 

Romo didn't end his career with a Super Bowl victory, but he was one of the most productive and efficient passers of his era. If the Jets get similar production out of Darnold during his career, maybe they can catch some better breaks than the Cowboys did and come away with a Lombardi Trophy. They'd surely have a good enough QB to do so. 

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