Jaworski on Manziel: 'I wouldn't take him in the first three rounds'

Ron Jaworski isn't sold on Johnny Manziel. (USATSI)
Ron Jaworski isn't sold on Johnny Manziel. (USATSI)

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Ron Jaworski was an NFL quarterback for 17 seasons. Now he works as an analyst for ESPN and knows as much about the quarterback position as anybody who makes a living in front of a camera. But that doesn't mean we always agree with him.

(Remember back in August when he said Colin Kaepernick "could be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever"? Yeah, that was something.)

The latest: Jaworski said Tuesday that he's not buying the Johnny Manziel hype, especially in the first -- or second ... or third -- round.

“I’m a big believer in Nick Foles, but who knows?” Jaworski said during an appearance 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia. “Manziel may fall. I’m not crazy about him, to be honest with you. I’ve only looked at five games. I wouldn’t take him in the first three rounds. That’s my opinion. It’s incomplete right now. But he has not done a whole lot to me.”

So Jaws admits he hasn't watched a ton of tape on Manziel, but his initial impressions are that he's not even a third-round pick. That's noteworthy for no other reason than everybody else on the planet expects Johnny Football to be a top-5 selection. Even Johnny Football, who said before the NFL combine that if the Texans passed on him with the first-overall selection "it would be the worst decision they ever made."

Jaws wasn't done. On Wednesday, he told SiriusXM that Manziel's sandlot game doesn't translate to the NFL.

“He’s a random quarterback that likes to get out of the pocket and make plays with his legs,” Jaworski said. “In the NFL, he won’t last three games playing that style. He’ll get hurt. He took a lot of vicious hits at A&M in two years, and those hits that have that cumulative effect will knock him out of games in the NFL.”

It sounds like Jaws is playing up the contrarian point a view, although we have no issue with his general stance; jumping on the Johnny Football bandwagon just because everybody else is doesn't mean it's still not headed for a cliff.

Of course, we won't know one way or the other until Manziel actually plays in an NFL game. For now, we're all just left to speculate. (In related news: The NFL Draft is still two and a half months off so get comfortable.)

Oh, and if you wondering what CBS Sports analyst and former Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms thinks about this year's quarterback draft class, you're in luck:

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