When Jay Cutler signed a very generous deal with the Dolphins prior to this season, he signed up to play quarterback, not play pretend wide receiver. So, when the Dolphins implemented the wildcat formation into their game plan on Sunday, Cutler wasn't overly concerned about selling his role out wide. 

Let's enhance, shall we?

Cutler isn't fooling anyone. Twitter

Is that a still image or a GIF? It's hard to tell, considering Cutler didn't move a muscle from pre-snap to whistle. It appears we can add "the wildcat" to the long list of things that Cutler doesn't not care a damn about. But, in fairness, there's plenty of opportunity for quarterbacks to embarrass themselves in the formation ... just ask Mark Sanchez

Again, Cutler is being paid a very large sum of money to be a quarterback, not an actor. Unfortunately for the Dolphins, he has yet to deliver a great performance in either role.