Jay Cutler on Smokin' Jay Cutler: 'I get a kick out of that'

On Showtime’s Inside the NFL, Cris Collinsworth and Phil Simms corralled Jay Cutler for an interview, and naturally they talked about the Bears quarterback’s relationship with Brandon Marshall, the kind of presents he’s given to his offensive line, and what he thinks about the Texans defense.

And yes, he actually came off as a dude with some personality.

But Collinsworth and Simms also got to the stuff you really want to know about it. Like, what was up with that sideline tiff with offensive coordinator Mike Tice earlier this season (see below)?

“There’s more scrutiny,” Cutler said. “There’s more cameras. There’s more media outlets now. There’s more eyes on you. That’s how it goes sometimes. You’re going to get in arguments. It’s a passionate game. There’s a lot of emotions flying out there. We’re not always going to agree. But we’re all in it together. And we’re all trying to achieve the same goal. We get into it a little bit, but five seconds or 10 seconds later, we’re back working together.”

OK, but what about wearing suits and ties after the games?

“I’m getting killed on the field with all my other demeanor[s],” Cutler said. "I thought I’d try to lighten it and go in a different direction off the field. Kristin [Cavallari], my fiancee, is probably going to take credit for most of it. You bring a woman in your life, and a lot of things change.”

And, of course, the most important question of all: what does he think about Smokin’ Jay Cutler?

“I know some of those guys,” he said. “I get a kick out of that.”

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