Jay Cutler responds to being called the 'worst quarterback in the NFL'

If you follow the NFL regularly, then you've probably noticed that there doesn't ever seem to be any offseason when it comes to criticizing Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

As long as Cutler's in the NFL, there's a good chance that someone, somewhere, will be criticizing him.

Take the Bennett brothers for instance. During a recent interview with ESPN the Magazine, both brothers had some derogatory things to say about the Bears quarterback.

First up, Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett, who was Cutler's teammate in Chicago from 2013 to 2015.

"I'd be open and he'd throw into double coverage," Martellus said.

So Cutler can't throw.

In the same interview, Martellus' brother Michael also piled on Cutler, calling him the "worst quarterback in the NFL."

So Cutler's horrible.

Cutler got a chance to respond to those comments on Wednesday, and basically, it sounds like he wants everyone to know that Martellus is Tom Brady's problem now.

"Most receivers and tight ends (think they) are always open," Cutler said of Martellus, via the Chicago Tribune. "Hopefully Tom (Brady) can do a better job of finding him than I did."

Cutler was then asked why NFL players always seem to be talking about him, and usually not in a good way. Unfortunately, the Bears quarterback didn't have anything to say about Michael Bennett's ranking.

"I could say something clever and smart," Cutler said, "but I'll just pass."

Cutler might not be a great quarterback, but it's probably safe to say that Michael Bennett's ranking is slightly off. If Cutler's the "worst" quarterback in the NFL, that means he'd be ranked behind guys like Matt Schaub, Scott Tolzien, Dan Orlovsky, Matt Barkley and Mcleod Bethel-Thompson. I will go out on a limb and say he's better than each of those guys.

Anyway, Cutler will be glad to know that at least one of his former teammates still likes him. During an interview on Tuesday, Brandon Marshall said that he thinks Cutler can be the NFL MVP this year.

That being said, I think we can all agree that Cutler falls somewhere between Marshall's ranking (potential MVP) and Bennett's ranking (worst quarterback ever).

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