Jay-Z raps on NFL investigations in 'La Familia': 'Don't make me laugh'

Jay-Z broke everyone's brains during the NBA Finals when he announced the release of his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail via a sick five-minute commercial (above) that featured all kinds of weird stuff going on, including Rick Rubin just hanging out on a couch. The album won't be out until Thursday, but some teases are emerging, including a shot at the NFL in one song.

In La Familia, HOVA fires a shot at anyone who questions whether he's going to be a legitimate NFL agent, rapping "don't make me laugh" with respect to the NFLPA probe into his recruitment of Jets quarterback Geno Smith, who fired his agent and signed with Roc Nation after dropping in the 2013 NFL Draft.

"NFL investigations/Oh don't make me laugh/FBI investigation /We stood up to that," Jay-Z raps according to XXLMag.com.

Jay-Z's apparently releasing the lyric sheets for a few songs from Magna Carta (and also apparently taking a shot back at Lil' Wayne with La Familia), which is a pretty smart move for the mogul. Stirring up beefs (that's what the kids say, right?) and creating controversy will always help you sling a few extra records.

Not that it really matters -- Magna Carta ALREADY WENT PLATINUM thanks to Samsung buying 1 million copies at $5 a piece in a sponsorship play.

As for the actual investigation, well, Jay-Z can laugh all he wants at the PA looking into Roc Nation. But if the players' association decides he violated rules, they can certainly take steps to limit his ability to rep players.

They can't stop him from taking shots in songs, though. And while this doesn't top my favorite NFL reference in a rap song (that would be Randy Moss, Outkast and "glitter, glisten, gloss floss," thank you, very much) it's a pretty bold move.

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