Jeff Fisher: NFL will 'vigorously enforce' sportsmanship in 2014

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Following on the heels of the Dolphins locker room issue, along with the Ted Wells report, and the recent derision of the Fritz-Pollard Alliance towards the N-word in the NFL, the league's focused heavily in recent months on the word "respect."

And Rams coach Jeff Fisher, the Chair of the Competition Committee, said Monday at the NFL owners' meetings that "sportsmanship" and "C

“It’s been a real productive offseason. I think the major point of emphasis as we leave here and wrap up is sportsmanship," Fisher told "I think clubs have a responsibility to clean the things up that are taking place on the field and off the field for that matter. That’s going to be something that will be discussed over the next couple of days. Several other clubs have a number of proposals that will be voted on.

"The committee has one safety-related proposal and a couple of other things, but it’s been a very productive meeting so far."

Not that sportsmanship isn't always important. It is. But Fisher said this year there's a substantially larger emphasis on it, along with "taunting" than there has been in years past.

“Every year sportsmanship — taunting — is a point of emphasis," Fisher said. "This year it’s a huge point of emphasis. It’s a big deal. But it’s all in the rulebook. Unsportsmanlike conduct, there’s a lot of categories and we’re just going to vigorously enforce it this year."

Read between the lines and it's pretty clear that Fisher and the Competition Committee want to clean up the language used by player in and around the NFL. 

He didn't specifically address any words, per se, but it's not hard to figure out exactly what Fisher is talking about in those quotes and the video with Jason La Canfora above. 

The NFL wants to make sure no one gets the wrong idea when it comes to the league's image and that's a primary point of emphasis for everyone at the owners' meetings this week.

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