Jeff Fisher said he'd consider rehiring Gregg Williams

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Just because Gregg Williams is the Hester Prynne of today’s NFL (but not necessarily of tomorrow’s) and just because Roger Goodell has suspended him indefinitely (which could mean that Williams never coaches again), that doesn’t prevent at least one of his colleagues from possibly welcoming him back to the sideline.

And it’s the same guy who hired him last time. That, of course, is Rams coach Jeff Fisher, who hired Williams away from the Saints before the NFL badly wounded the organization with fines and suspensions pertaining to the Williams-led bounty program.

So far, Fisher, despite announcing his staff earlier this week, has not named a new defensive coordinator and might not for 2012 (for now, it sounds like it’ll be a coordinator-by-committee situation).

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And if Goodell reinstates Williams for the 2013 season, there’s a good chance Fisher would have his old job waiting for him (well, it’d still be a new job for Williams since he only held it for a short time before the suspension). Maybe because Fisher still believes that Williams would never hurt somebody on purpose?

"You know we have to consider [hiring Williams again]," Fisher told ESPN radio on Friday (via "I think there will be a lot of conversations at the league-office level. Gregg is very, very remorseful at this point. He regrets everything that took place. He came out in his statement and said that. And I think Gregg, at the end of the day, is going to do some great things for this league off the field before he comes back."

It sounds like the line about Williams being remorseful is true. He didn’t appeal Goodell’s suspension, and in the statement he initially released, Williams seems shamed by the act (or, at the very least, getting caught for it). Assuming Williams obeys Goodell’s every wish during the next year, it seems like there’s a pretty good chance Williams will be reinstated.

Then, we’ll get to see how Williams performs as a defensive coordinator when he can’t offer his players money to try to take out the opposing quarterback.

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