Jeff Fisher says he's disappointed in Bernie Kosar's analysis

Bernie Kosar was critical on the radio on Thursday. (USATSI)
Bernie Kosar was critical on the radio on Thursday. (USATSI)

You can’t blame Rams coach Jeff Fisher for being upset with former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar. After all, here, via, are some of the comments Kosar -- who was serving as the team’s radio color analyst -- made during the two teams’ preseason game Thursday.

After Rams receiver Nick Johnson dropped a pass from Sam Bradford:

“This is actually not a bad throw. These St. Louis receivers are horrible. That’s a drop there.”

After Browns play-by-play man Jim Donovan told a story about Rams backup quarterback Kellen Clemens giving Pope Benedict XVI an autograph:

“Bless me father for I have sinned. I have to watch him the whole fourth quarter.”

On Rams receiver coach Ray Sherman:

“I’m checking through the itinerary here of guys and coaches to see who the receivers coach is to make sure I don’t know who this guy is because he’s not doing very good either.”

On Saturday, Fisher spoke out against Kosar.

“I guess I’m a little disappointed,” Fisher said. “I feel bad for them that they had someone doing the broadcast who would feel the need to speak that way about players, specifically on our team, and coaches for that matter."

Now, I don’t think a radio color analyst should be blasted for showcasing his somewhat-caustic opinions about the opposing team (or his own team, for that matter). And I won’t blast Kosar here, because, in part, that kind of criticism was part of his job that night.

But I will say that it’s strange that Kosar seemed to get so personal with Clemens. And Fisher seemed to think so as well.

“I’m just surprised that Bernie has such a lack of respect for players and for this game,” Fisher said. “So I lost a lot of respect for him."

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