'Jeopardy!' champion James Holzhauer wins 23rd straight game, saves Tom Brady from eating a strawberry

It's still early in the year, but Tom Brady being active on Twitter and having pretty good tweets is one of this year's greatest upsets. The latest example is the Patriots quarterback announcing that if James Holzhauer continues to dominate "Jeopardy," he'd eat a strawberry.

Those are high stakes as, if you'll remember, Brady doesn't do strawberries.

Holzhauer could've been a hero and made Brady do something he didn't want to do -- something that doesn't happen often -- but instead he selfishly won $89,229 on Monday to pile onto his already outlandish total that is approaching $2 million.

It's Holzhauer's 23rd straight win, so Brady didn't seem surprised by the outcome.

Brady and the Patriots have something in common with Holzhauer. They are winners. New England is coming off of their sixth Super Bowl win, tying them with the Steelers for the most ever. They'll look to break that record this season. Who knows... maybe come next February, Holzhauer will still be raking in cash while the Patriots try and make history. He seems utterly unbeatable on the game show right now, to the point that even a Super Bowl champion is trying to get him to slip up.

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