The Dallas Cowboys might very well have an Ezekiel Elliott problem on their hands. Elliott, who remains under investigations by the NFL for an alleged domestic violence incident back in 2016, could still face a suspension. 

Add in a March incident where Elliott pulled a woman's shirt down in a parade as well as a late July incident involving Elliott being around a situation late at a Dallas bar as well as Elliott dealing with charges of speeding over 100 miles per hour in his car as well as Elliott visiting a marijuana dispensary in Seattle and you have a lot of smoke with a situation that could contain fire.

Jerry Jones has previously called the situation "not good" (a massive understatement) and this week said that Elliott is still learning how to deal with "rock star" attention

Maybe there's a deeper issue? Hall of Fame running back Jerome Bettis, appearing on the "Rich Eisen Show" believes the problem might relate to the Cowboys locker room. Specifically, that the Cowboys do not have the veterans in place in the locker room -- Dak Prescott is the quarterback now and part of the same draft class as Elliott -- to police Zeke's behavior and reel the young running back in.

"Here's part of the problem. That team, in terms of the core players, they're young guys. You don't have any of those guys able to pull him back and say 'Listen, you can't do this, you can't do that, listen to me when I say these kind of things,'" Bettis said. "You don't have that kind of guy in the locker room yet to do that. They're kind of flying blind so to speak, because you don't have ... the quarterback is the same age and you don't have that guy to pull him back and say 'Hey, shut it down.'"

Bettis' initial advice for Elliott was to simply "keep your head down" but what he said later makes more sense: "Stay in the house and don't get into any more trouble."

Elliott was the NFL's leading rusher last season. He burst onto the scene, along with Prescott, as a fun-to-watch player that rejuvenated the Cowboys offense and playoff hopes after Tony Romo went down in the preseason. 

But for as much fun as he is to watch on the field, there should be major concerns brewing off the field when it comes to Elliott's behavior. The NFL investigation could lead on its own to a suspension.

Coupled with all the other incidents he's dealing with this offseason, it feels more and more likely that he will ultimately miss time.