Jason Garrett will be back in 2014.
The Cowboys are 'going forward' with Jason Garrett in 2014. (USATSI)

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Jerry Jones has said this season that Jason Garrett isn't going anywhere. And he reaffirmed that on Tuesday, stating emphatically that the Cowboys would not fire Garrett in the wake of a third-straight 8-8 season. Additionally, Jones won't be going anywhere as GM and didn't express a need to change the coaching staff of the Cowboys.

Jones, appearing on 105.3 the Fan in Dallas, said the Cowboys are 'going forward' with Garrett in 2014. 

"I think what is important here is I haven't given any consideration," Jones said. "I like what we're doing, I like what he's doing as a head coach. Yes we are [keeping Jason Garrett] going forward."

The show hosts, justifiably, asked how Jones justifies keeping Garrett after another .500 season.

"I justify it that … we have been in it, right there playing for it, in the last game for the last three years," Jones said. "I'm in complete step with our fans that want more than 8-8. So that you don't have to be playing for the NFC East championship in the last game every year. That's where we can have improvement. We won some games that were hard fought. Having said it, I think there is a positive to have the team right there in a position to win the East, fighting for it.

"Certainly for my mind I'm prepared and was very clear with my decision on Jason."

Jones was slightly more vague with respect to defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and offensive coordinator Bill Callahan.

"I think you've got to assume that their contract status is their decision until we do different," Jones said. "Whatever their contract status is … whatever it is it is."

However Jones didn't put the onus on Kiffin for the bad Cowboys defensive season, pointing out that the "rough" year wasn't because of "coaching."

"I'm pleased that we have them," Jones said. "We had a rough year but we didn't have a rough year because of coaching in terms of our defense."

And his quarterback is locked up. Jones was asked about his relationship with Garrett and Romo and being committed to seeing that through no matter what and Jones made sure to note that the Cowboys are "big-time committed" to Tony Romo.

"I am big-time committed to Tony Romo. We made that commitment. That's a big commitment," Jones said. "I think Jason Garrett's a much better coach than in '07. I think we're going to benefit from a lot of the things he's learned. He's got some fundamental things that are outstanding. He's the kind of coach that really gets a lot of respect from his players. He has them competing. We just need to compete at a better level."

Remain skeptical of Jerry's decision all you like. The fact of the matter is Garrett's not going anywhere barring a major sea change in Dallas. Whether that's good, bad or just simply mediocre remains to be seen in 2014.